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Combining a great strategy with machine learning & automation to support it! Smart automations are no longer an option but a necessity to manage your campaigns efficiently. Eliminate errors, optimize your feeds, and manage bids the right way.
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Shopping Ads PLA Managed Services for eCommerce
Advanced Targeting
As Shopping Ads do not use keywords to target your audience, your targeting becomes more difficult to manage without an advanced methodology. We laser-focus your target with detailed analysis and building of negative keywords and optimized feeds.
Traffic That Converts
PPC targets people that are searching for your products including those that are or are not ready to buy immediately. Combining our advanced methodology and technology, we can help you minimize your wasted ad spend by targeting audience that is ready to convert.
Shopping feed optimization
Feed Optimization

It all starts with the right and optimized feed to make your ads show more at the right time.

Data Feed Automation
Data Feed Automation

Save time, eliminate any errors, & ad disapprovals by automating your feeds.

Negative Keywords
Negative Keywords

Stop wasting your Shopping budget and filter out any irrelevant traffic with a detailed negative keyword management

Landing Page Optimization
Landing Page Optimization

Giving the most pleasant experience with relevant content to convert more traffic to sales

Machine Learning to balance cost and results
Machine Learning

Our system uses machine-learning to find the best balance between cost and results, giving you more control.

Turn Data into business powerhouse
Data Powerhouse

You will know exactly what’s happening in your account. We will help you turn that data into your business powerhouse.

Shopping PPC PLA Paid Ads for eCommerce to get found, sell more, and grow faster

Get found. Sell more. Grow faster!

Shopping Ads are one of the best advertising options for eCommerce businesses. Our PPC Shopping Management Service is a solution made for small to midsize eCommerce businesses just like you. We use our system for Machine-Learning and Automation so we can combine both human brains and machine power!

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