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PPC is getting more expensive and you want to grow your business. Digital PowerUp's PPC Management Services help small to midsize businesses achieve a quick boost in sales efficiently while developing a long-term sustainable growth strategy.
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Digital PowerUp Pay-Per-Click PPC Managed Services
More Relevant Traffic
Not any traffic to your site. Relevant traffic that resemble your best customers. We combine art & science in reaching your best prospects and leads. PPC is a great way to quickly boost sales using paid ads.
Traffic That Converts
PPC targets people that are searching for your product or service including those that are or are not ready to buy immediately. With advanced keyword and competitor research, we can help you minimize your wasted ad spend by targeting audience that is ready to convert.
PPC automation

Using our own technology built to meet your needs, we automate tasks we would otherwise do manually, saving time and eliminating errors.

Paid Ads Cost Control
Cost Control

We don’t let Google control how much you pay them. We find the right balance between cost and results.

Customer Segmentation Targeting
Relevant Targeting

You don't want everyone to see your ad. Smart data-driven targeting and segmentation save you money and increases profit.

Test & Optimize
Test & Optimize

Constant testing & optimizing to find the best ad, audience, and bid to minimize your budget wasted.

Conversion Tracking & Integration sync

We track all calls and conversions to connect all the dots and sync all data.

Turn data into business powerhouse
Data Powerhouse

You will know exactly what’s happening in your account. We will help you turn that data into your business powerhouse.

Profitable growth on SEM

Less managing, more growing!

Our technology is made to serve small & midsize businesses just like you. It gives us more time helping you grow rather than managing day-to-day tasks. We don't believe in set it & forget it. Our system monitors 24/7 and we combine that with our experience to bring you the desired results.

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