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We're a digital marketing agency powered by our proprietary technology helping businesses of all sizes achieve their business goals. We provide innovative solutions to help your business stay ahead! Talk to us today to find out how we make a great growth partner!
Digital PowerUp

Who We Are

We're a Las Vegas-based digital marketing agency co-founded by two leaders with background in business management, marketing, and software development.


What We Do

We help businesses of all sizes increase relevant traffic, generate qualified leads, increase profitable sales, and grow customer lifetime value.


How We Do It

We take a cross-channel approach using both paid and organic strategies to help you achieve short- and long-term success that is scalable and sustainable.

What makes us different?

Digital PowerUp Technology
Platform Built In-House

We built our own platform to serve our specific needs. This software connects with other marketing systems to help us do more with less.

Digital PowerUp Values
Transparency & Communication

We practice complete transparency so you know exactly what you're getting and consistent communication so you know what's happeing with your account. We value mutual openness as a sign of our partnership.

Digital PowerUp Experience
in Business & Marketing & Technology

We're not only experienced in marketing. We know business and technology. We connect marketing with your business and enable that with technology and automation.

Continued Partnership

We don't work hard for a few months and disappear. Our priority is to earn your partnership through continued diligence and results. We continue to bring ideas and work with you.

Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy
Connect The Dots

Don't let your marketing work in silos. Marketing is a complex puzzle that can connect seamlessy with your goals when the right pieces are put in the right places. We are heavily data-driven and we connect the dots between your initiatives to get the most out of your budget.

PowerUp Solutions

Your Trusted Advisor to PowerUp your Digital Growth

Our goal is to provide you with technological and creative solutions that lead to a profitable growth. See what we offer and contact us to discuss how we can add value!
Pay-Per-Click PPC Paid Ads
[Pay-per-click] Google & Bing Search Campaigns
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Inbound Marketing SEO Organic Traffic
[Inbound Marketing & SEO] Blog, Organic Traffic, Lead-generation
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Shopping Pay-Per-Click PPC PLA for eCommerce
[PPC Shopping Ads] Google & Bing Shopping for e-commerce
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Conversion Rate Optimization CRO
[CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION, CRO] Site performance, Landing Page Content & Design
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Meet Our Leadership Team

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team member
Lia Heaivilin

Formerly in Sales & Marketing at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and a VP at a $60M wholesale & retail business. Leading Digital PowerUp with client partnerships & success.

team member
Adam Heaivilin

Formerly a software consultant and a VP of e-commerce who helped grow from a startup to a $30M retail leader. Advancing Digital PowerUp by creating our own proprietary tech solutions

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