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Customer Lifetime Value

Successful businesses have long-term goals, and a sustainable healthy growth means a higher Customer Lifetime Value.

This doesn't happen overnight but is certainly achievable with the right strategy, monitoring, and implementation.
increase Customer Lifetime Value
What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?
It is a "prediction" of present value of entire profit a customer brings to your company during their lifetime with your business. It measures how valuable a customer is to you NOW considering how much they WILL spend over time until they leave you.
How do you use Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?
You can determine how much you should spend on a customer depending on their CLV. You can target your most profitable customers. You can have a better messaging. You can have the right strategy based on whether you want to extend customer lifetime, frequency, order value, etc. And so much more!
Customer Segmentation
Customer Segmentation

Segmenet customer base so you can target them appropriately with what works for them. This helps retaining them better and longer.

Upsell & Cross-sell
Upsell & Cross-sell

Understanding your customers means you know what they want before they want it. Sell more by personalized upselling & cross-selling.

Email Marketing to increase CLV
Email Marketing

Keep them engaged and extend their customer lifetime with you by sending them relevant emails. Make it hard for them to leave you!

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